The Arrow Wood Way

At Arrow Wood we are intentional about how and why we do things.

Our Mantras

Our mission is inspired by—and written for—kids. Our approach and philosophy bring out the very best in each member of our camp community.

Motivate, don't mandate

Competition with compassion

Give camp back to the kids

Always keep it real

The Way

Seeking Happiness

In our staff, in our campers, in our parents. At Arrow Wood, everyone has a role to play.

Discovering Passions

At Arrow Wood it’s our goal to help children uncover their true passions. Be it a passion for playing sports, a passion for the outdoors, or a passion for helping others.

Start with Yes

Kids have amazing ideas and thoughts, we listen.

We Don’t Believe In "Or," We Do Believe in "And"

You can be a great athlete and an amazing musician. You shouldn’t have to choose between a sports specialty camp or a traditional camp. Arrow Wood is the best of everything.

An Arrow for Life

More than just the summer – the Arrow Wood community lasts forever.

Two campers holding football helmets on their way to practice.

Building Traditions

It is important to us that our early-year campers and parents be involved from the start. Together, we are…

  • Naming our cabins and lodges
  • Writing our camp songs
  • Creating new nicknames and rituals
  • The Pioneers

It’s been a dream of mine for over 30 years to build a camp. A place that blends the goodness of sports with all the amazing traditions of camp. A place where we can impact people’s lives forever.

Matt Linick

Director, Camp Arrow Wood

Camp is where I learned about leadership, responsibility, determination, and friendship. I learned to compete, not just with others, but to focus on being my personal best. I love building the Camp Arrow Wood family and watching campers grow into the best version of themselves.

Stacey Decter

Associate Director, Camp Arrow Wood