Camper Qs

Can I really pick my own sports and activities?
Yes! You will choose your core (primary) sport or sports (generally up to two) at the beginning of the summer, which you will play during Period 1 each day. If you want to switch to a different sport for Period 1, you can talk to us about making a change.

You also choose your Period 2 (Explore/non-sport) and Period 3 (all options) activities each morning. We do assign Period 2 activities during the first week of each session though, so that you can try out the different options and decide what you like best.

Period 4 – Game Time is assigned by us. However, we also ask you to tell us which sport(s) you absolutely don’t want to play so that we know what games not to assign you to for this period

How many hours per day will I play my core (primary) sport?
That really depends on the choices you make. Campers who want to focus on one sport as much as possible can generally get in as many as 5-6 hours each day (not including time during rest hour and flex time). Those who want a little more variety can choose to play their core (primary) sport only during Period 1 (for 90 minutes) and any practices.

Can I bring my electronics?
We have a strict no internet-enabled device policy since we really want you to be present for the camp experience. Devices like wireless speakers and the Mighty, which allow for music to be played without the internet, are encouraged. Campers are not allowed to bring cell phones or other similar electronic devices. Anyone coming to camp with a prohibited electronic device (including those who fly to camp) will hand them into the office upon arrival, where they will be stored until the end of camp.

What time do we wake up?
Everyone wakes up at 8:15 am, campers line up at the flag pole at 8:25, and breakfast is at 8:30. Sundays are usually brunch days with a late (9:15 am) wake up. Campers who get up early always have the option of coming to the main office/canteen (where staff are present) to play ping pong, foosball, chess, or just chat. On occasion, early risers are also given the option to waterski.

What time do we go to bed?
Bedtimes vary by age, but the youngest campers are usually in their cabins around 9:15/9:30 pm, and the oldest campers are in by 11:00 pm. You’ll be very active and tired by the end of the day, so camp is pretty quiet by about 11:30 pm.

Will I have my own bathroom?
You’ll share a bathroom with the other campers in your cabin or lodge. All cabins and lodges have individual showers, as well as shared sinks and private stalls with toilets.

Will I be in a bunk with my friends?
Bunks are organized by age/grade and gender – generally with 5 -6 campers per bunk for younger campers and 7 or more for older campers. When you and your parents fill out your forms, you’ll be able to name up to 3 campers that you want in your cabin. We try our best to put you with at least 1 of your choices – and we’ll let you know in advance if we’re unable to keep this promise for any reason.

How often can I talk to my parents?
Each camper (who wants to) calls home via video twice per 3-week session (4 times for Full Summer campers). These calls start about a week into camp and are scheduled by your parents in advance. You’ll get a note to come to the office on the day of your scheduled call. If you would rather text with your parents instead, you have that option as well.

Can I bring food to camp?
We provide 3 meals a day, have snacks (e.g., whole fruit, granola bars, bread/toast) available in our dining hall from 9:30 am – 9:30 pm daily, and provide canteen 2-3 days per week. Outside food is not necessary and can also attract critters and insects. As such, we don’t allow outside food in the cabins except for a small amount of chewing gum and hard candy.

We know that many campers bring snacks with them on the first day of camp and/or get treats on Visiting Day. This food has to be eaten within 48 hours.


Parent Qs

Where is Camp Arrow Wood located?
We’re on the shores of Richmond Pond in the heart of The Berkshires. Centrally located in western Massachusetts, we’re a 2-hour drive from Boston and a 2.5 to 3-hour drive from New York City. The airports in Albany, NY (ALB) and Hartford, CT (BDL) are about an hour’s drive from camp.
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Where are most campers from?
Our camper population comes from all over the country (including CA, NM, and UT) – with a number of international campers (from Canada, France, Israel, Mexico, Spain, etc.) as well. We do have more significant concentrations of campers who join us from Brooklyn/New York City, Westchester, Northern New Jersey, the Boston area, the Philadelphia area, and South Florida.

What are the transportation options to/from camp? 
For the 2024 season, you can drive your child to/from camp, or they can fly into one of our nearby airports. If your child flies into the Albany, NY (ALB) or Hartford, CT (BDL) airports, we’ll send someone to pick them up and bring them to camp (with times and locations scheduled with us in advance). We also offer van/bus transportation from the NY Metro area (Westchester). If you have additional questions on this, please email [email protected].
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Is there a Visiting Day?
Yes! In 2024, we will have a Visiting Day on Saturday, July 20th, for ALL Full-Summer and First-Half campers and their families so that you can see what your camper has been up to. Visiting Day begins at 10:00 am and ends at 3:00 pm (with First-Half campers departing around 4:00 pm).

Parents of Second-Half campers who want to tour the camp can do so on departure day.

What are Camp Arrow Wood’s visiting and communications policies? 
Each camper (who wants to) calls home twice per three-week session (4 times for Full Summer campers) starting on the sixth (6th) day after camp starts. These calls are generally done via video and are scheduled via our Parent Portal in advance (with the scheduling opening in late May/early June). Campers who prefer to text with their parents (because talking with them causes homesickness) are given that option. In addition, you can email or send snail mail to your camper, which is distributed daily (except on Sundays). Campers cannot send email, but they are encouraged to write home.

How skilled and athletic are the campers at Arrow Wood?
All of our campers love sports. However, they vary in their level of athleticism, as well as specific skills and experience in any one sport. We have some campers who are highly skilled in one or two sports but limited in their exposure to and skill in others. Other campers are just very athletic and do well in any sport they play. And we have some campers who aren’t necessarily adept at any specific sport but are willing to play all of them just to learn and have fun.

At the beginning of each camp session, we evaluate each camper’s ability in each sport that they are playing, and determine their level of skill and areas for development, and then group them accordingly for instruction and competition.

Is there an option to sign my child up for additional “private” lessons/training while they’re at camp?
No, we don’t offer this option – because it really isn’t necessary. Arrow Wood campers get a significant amount of instruction and skill-building in their core (primary) sport(s) on a daily basis. They work closely with our coaches on drills and skills (generally in small groups) during the 90 minutes of Period 1. Those who want even more time with the coaches can opt into their core (primary) sport(s) during Period 3 as well. AND our coaches are always willing to spend one-on-one time with dedicated campers at other times during the day (e.g., early in the morning, during rest hour). All at no extra cost!

Do campers play in tournaments and inter-camp games?
Yes, we play in tournaments against other camps and athletic programs in and around the Berkshires. We also schedule individual games with other camps/teams to ensure that all of our campers who want to can play against another camp/team. We travel to other camps for these games and have also hosted a limited number of games at Arrow Wood, which we expect to expand over time.

Can First Half campers extend for the Full Summer if they want to?

Absolutely! About halfway through the First Half, we ask all eligible campers (those whose parents haven’t specifically told us that they’re unable to extend) if they’re interested in staying for the Second Half. Many of our campers do opt to stay longer once they’ve acclimated and made friends.

What medical staff works at the camp, and what facilities are nearby? What if my child takes medication? 

We have a combination of doctors, nurses, and athletic trainers working and living on-site. Our medical personnel provide first aid, treat routine illnesses and medical issues, oversee ongoing medical issues, and administer medications, vitamins, and supplements under the oversight of our physician.

Our Health Center is in the center of the camp, close to our dining hall. This provides easy access following meals when medications are routinely administered and a “sick call” is held for campers with routine issues and complaints. The facility includes a reception area, private exam room, isolation room, and ample space for campers who require an overnight stay.

We work closely with Berkshire Health Urgent Care for non-emergent medical issues requiring outside expertise and services and also have relationships with specialists (e.g., orthopedists and orthodontists) in the area. Plus, we’re just a 12-minute drive from Berkshire Medical Center, a level two trauma center.

Do Arrow Wood campers wear uniforms?
No, we don’t require that our campers wear uniforms or purchase any specific branded clothing for camp. We provide each camper with an Arrow Wood t-shirt after they arrive at camp. We recognize that many kids are proud members of our community and enjoy wearing and using branded gear. As such, we’re pleased to offer the opportunity to purchase select items online at our shop.

Can I rent out Camp Arrow Wood for an event? 
Yes, our property can be customized for any event experience, whether it be a family reunion, corporate retreat, sports camp, wedding, music festival, school program, or other gathering. Please contact us at [email protected] to discuss availability and pricing.
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